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Commerical Cleaning
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CCD Janitorial Services partners with our customers in providing professional, clean and dependable services, so our customers can focus on what they do best.
  1. Educational Facilities
    CCD Janitorial Services understand the constraints and challenges facing finance and maintenance problems. We proved professional services whether you are facing budgetary or environmental constraints, to help you enhance the appearance of new or aging infrastructure. We are there to maintain cleanliness of your facility to insure an healthy environment for students, faculty and staff. We partner with our educational institutions to create systems within private and public school buildings to reduce the transmission of germs with unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction
  2. Business Offices
    CCD Janitorial Services provide reliable office cleaning you can count on. We provide you and your employees with a healthy and clean working environment that will impress your customers. Our maintenance programs are designed with you in mind to thoroughly clean your office space and eliminate germs. We will create a plan that is effective with your business model and goals regardless the size of your facility.
  3. Financial Institutions
    CCD Janitorial Services believe in trust, security, and privacy for all our customers. We understand the special needs banks and financial institutions require when it comes to their professional cleaning. Our professional services place us in a unique position suited for providing financial institutions everything needed to maintain sanitary and healthy environments.
  4. Restaurants
    We assure our customers that our employees are professionally trained for your commercial restaurant-cleaning needs. CCD Janitorial Services understands that restaurants are important places to keep sanitary because they are a primary location for food preparation and consumption. Therefore, our employees are prepared to offer an all-organic option that uses only environmentally friendly cleaning products, in addition to our flexible hours that are intended to coincide with your busy schedule.
  5. Property Management
    We strive to create a pleasing environment for your tenants with extra care on the appearance and orderliness of your property. In order for you to maintain and increase occupancy, your building must be maintained professionally. CCD Janitorial Services are experienced, with quality assurance and representative programs to ensure quick and effective services than can respond with complete satisfaction.
  6. Grocery and Retail Stores
    We all can agree that the cleanliness of grocery stores are exceptionally important in reducing hazard and eliminating liability to your customers. Our trained professional cleaners focus on attention to detail to ensure that your grocery store looks the best, so that your customers can feel confident with the quality of your products. Our dependable and professional cleaners will help your location complement your good reputation and increase the satisfaction level of your customers.