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Commerical Cleaning
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  1. Carpets
    We provide carpet cleaning solutions that extend the life of your carpet. We specialize in cold weather carpet care, routine cleaning, deep cleaning, and the use of a HEPA filtration system along with self-sealing bags to maintain indoor air quality.
  2. Disinfection
    Routine and deep cleaning schedule that complies with OSHA chemical handling regulations. Employees trained in systems to eliminate cross contamination. Environmentally friendly cleaning agents available upon request.
  3. Hard Floors
    We offer solutions for the long term maintenance of hard floor surfaces. Our services include dusting, vacuuming, dry and damp mopping. A key component of our hard floor maintenance is the job of stripping, refinishing and sealing to prolong the life of floors.
  4. Bathrooms
    Protocols in place to monitor proper methods in cleaning and maintaining a sanitary environment. We use a color coded microfiber system along with on-going training and support to maintain our high standards for clean and tidy bathrooms.
  5. Trash
    Trash removal services provided for a clean uncluttered workspace.
  6. Schedule
    Provide integrated service, application expertise, product technology, process knowledge, monitoring techniques, effective service management with a detailed schedule defining duties daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly.
What We Do

CCD Janitorial Services provides quality commercial cleaning services.  
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We Value Clean.
CCD Janitorial Services adheres to the latest industry standards of cleanliness as well as the cleaning industry management standards to ensure customer satisfaction. The adherance to the management framework helps us maintain a customer service approach and guarantees that we instill quality service throughout our organization.